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Social Mission

Education, Community, Economy And Seafood Sustainability

10% Of Online Sales Donated To Educational, Community, Economic And Seafood Sustainability Initiatives

MAINE FRESH’S® innovative business model uses natural foods from Maine and responsibly harvested seafood to produce value-added, healthy, good tasting foods in an effort to distribute a portion of its sale proceeds back to the community. This model supports local communities and the world it serves through:

Maine Fresh® began by producing all-natural seafood pies made with seafood purchased directly from the region’s abundant fisheries. We have since expanded our product line to include live, fresh and frozen lobster products, seafood soups and pasta products. By providing stable prices for its region’s seafood, Maine Fresh® is helping to revitalize the region’s once thriving maritime economy. Maine Fresh® donates 10% of its online sales back to the community to support educational initiatives creating social change through transformative educational opportunities at the local and global levels.