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Economy & Innovation

By providing stable prices for its region’s seafood, Maine Fresh® is helping to revitalize the region’s once thriving maritime economy.  100% of the seafood used in our pies is locally sourced when available, and wild caught using responsible fishing practices.  In addition, we use Maine dairy products and Maine vegetables and herbs whenever possible.  Locally caught seafood and Maine grown vegetables and dairy products not only provide the best flavor for our pies, but also helps to revitalize and support our local economies.  By sourcing our ingredients locally, Maine Fresh® is helping to provide jobs and stability to Downeast Maine’s fisheries and farms. By buying locally, we are working to strengthen the economy in our corner of Maine.

Trace My Lobster is an innovative technology platform providing trap to plate traceability. not only provides the consumer a fun and interactive means to Trace My Lobster, visualizes a lobster’s true supply chain. Connecting businesses and consumers to a deeper understanding of the impact of lobster life-cycle through documentation and visualization of the supply chain, from ocean, to retailer, to everyone. establishes tools for supply chain transparency to develop a leading approach to sustainable and traceable lobster.